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First ever game jam entry! Made this game for the bootleg-extra-jam ran on March 10th 2019 and the themes were abstract and dice mechanics. It's not very polished and music/sfx are token at best, but, I think it's not a bad effort.

Oh, and just before I get to the description, there's a low number of infrequent, small black and white flashing lights. I don't believe they should cause issue, but, they may cause discomfort to photosensitive players, many apologies if it does.

The mac build is untested and unsupported, but it's there for anyone who wants to risk try it.

d6tris is a spin on the classic tetris game; replacing the blocks with six-sided dice, warping the board and utilizing hexominoes instead of tetrominoes.

Pieces fall from the far right and may be moved up and down or rotated clockwise (right) and anti-clockwise (left) with the respective arrow keys. You may also hurry the pieces towards their destination by holding the space-bar.

As the pieces fall, they will cross the center columns. Here, the dice maintain their orientation, instead of rotating around the bend, and reveal both known and hidden faces! Using a little bit of dice-layout deduction and quick thinking you can use this to manipulate the numbers on the dice to be something more favorable. However, be careful because whilst the piece is on the center column it's unable to be rotated!

Columns can be cleared through the traditional method, filling them, or by getting each of the numbers 1-6 to appear on the faces of the dice in the column. For the number method, the center column, and the two flanking it, count each side of faces separately! So watch out.

To help you with positioning yourself there are toggleable guides (G) as well has a help screen (H) to remind you of the controls. You can also quit the game with (ESC) and abandon the current game with (R).

For full disclosure, parts of the following resource assets were used:

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract all of the files to their own folder. To run, after extraction, simply double-click the executable.


d6tris.zip 22 MB
d6tris.app.zip 23 MB


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Great game! I like the approach you took and the layout is certainly a good surprise :D I was thinking about the game, and how it would be cool for the layout to get bigger and more twisted in later levels. Thanks for making it!