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Hey, thanks for checking this out.

This is my entry for NMJ 1 and the theme was "Lost". Unfortunately, an RSI knocked out two days of work so I was unable to complete the theme, enemy AI or multiple levels. So, it's a 2 player local versus game now! Woo!

The idea was that you were in charge of an unnamed secure compound that had just been hacked, and a missile launch initiated. Unfortunately, you've LOST your password and must hack your way into the system to recover it and prevent the launch. You would traverse an "overworld" in the confines of the facility and hack into terminals and look for passwords on sticky notes to reach your destination.

At the start of each of your turns, you gain one credit. The turn can be advanced by pressing space or by clicking the "End Turn" button. Additionally, the game can be restarted/exited at any time using the respective buttons.

The credit can be saved up and spent on units by clicking on your captured bases. The freshly spawned unit may attack or interact on it's first turn, but must wait until it's second turn to move.

MoveRangeDMGLine of Sight

These units can be commanded using the mouse, where the left button selects units and the right button orders them to do things, as dictated by the highlights:
 - Light Blue - Move
 - Dark Blue - Movement Limit for turn
 - Red Highlight - Attack (Consumes remaining movement)
 - Green Highlight - Interact (Consumes remaining movement)

Combat is simply turn based striking. Attacks reach a number of tiles around their character equal to the range of the attack (Taxicab/Manhattan distance) and reach above or bellow a number of tiles equal to their range. This shape is roughly a cube turned 45 degrees on the grid. The siege unit doesn't require line of sight and can fire through floors and walls.

Bases have 5 HP each and regain 1 HP per turn. They're unable to defend themselves, so make sure to guard them. If they fall, the enemy can move in and take control of it and once all of your bases have fallen, you automatically loose.

Some things to note:
 - You can't stand on top of bases (You'd fall down the hole)
 - You can move through enemies and allies alike, but cannot stop ontop of them.
 - You can fire across "voids" in the map.

I'd be interested in continuing this project if I get the chance, but it'll likely be from scratch - since it's a mess.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out!

Install instructions

Simply download the appropriate zip and extract the contents. Unfortunately, no mac/linux builds for now - but if there's interest I can upload some.


NMJ 1 - Lost - Pascal.zip 23 MB

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